iTrackBites: Smart Weight Loss App Reviews

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Very good - please Provide German Version

Very helpful App! Please provide all the German Users with a German App!

Not compatible

Love the look of the programme. Sadly the calculators no longer work for the latest programmes in both Us and Europe where you need to calculate fat, protein, carbs and fiber. So sadly I wasted my money since I cannot calculate correctly with this app. Please write an update!!!!!

Great and easy to use.

Would love to be able to use it in combination with a weight tracking table.

Very helpful, thank you!

The list of points is lacking but excellent for keeping up with daily allowance.


Thanks for making such an easy app to follow! I love it and I use it everyday-successfully!!!

Love it

I was looking for a simple tracker using a points weight management system. It is easy to use, accurate with the points system I wanted use and it works

Very good

Although the guide is not as comprehensive as WW but it is good enough at no monthly fee. Keep up the good work

Lost weight. 50 pounds and counting.

Great app. Nothing better.

Been using for years

The app is a godsend. I am a lifetime "bites" member thats struggled over the years who doesnt want to constantly be forced to use the newer "bites" program at meetings. This app is better than the real thing to be honest. Worth every cent. P.s. Found a small bug a while ago and the team worked with me to address it, and had it fixed by the next revision.

Love This App

This tracking app has proven to be easy to use and Im very happy with it. I am a former WeightWatcher and was very successful on that program and loved the tracking system. I use this tracking app now everyday. MJean

Fantastic App

Love this app and how the developer continues to support it with updates. The recipe builder is awesome.

I track bites

Great app!! Like all the features especially the pocket guide and built in calculator. Makes tracking "bites" easy. Keeps you on track. Highly recommend to anyone following a certain weight loss program at home.

Love this App

Great App Everything works like they advertise Creators do regular updates Only gave 4 stars because it needs to sync with Fitbit

Great alternative

This app is a fantastic alternative if you are tired of paying for that "other" points based diet plan. I think it is best suited to folks who already have gone to meetings and learned the basics. I find the food lists are more US focused,but the bar code scanner works very well. Im impressed with the community part as well. They have made some recent additions - its great that they are always improving the app. Now, if it could only sync with my Fitbit!

Great app, a few irritations

This is a great app, it has pretty much everything you need to do the Weight Watchers plan on your own. There are a few irritations however. Its not easy to edit entries in your favourites list (I finally figured out that I had to go into settings) and its too easy to get duplicates in your favourites list. Most annoying is that there is no option to correct/report the information on the bar code scanner if its wrong, Ive found several entries that were incorrect but I cant report it, so I cant rely on it.

For consideration

I purchased the recipe builder but it will not enable me to use ingredients Ive created - can only draw from a pre-populated source. Also, all units of measure in that source are fixed. Id like to change them to metric but I cant.


This is an amazing app. Someone told me about it after I had joined a very similar weight-loss program for about $25 a month. It works identical Ive lost 30 lbs. I absolutely love this app and highly recommend it to everyone. It is easy to use and most of all it works. Combined with exercise there is no way you cannot be motivated and lose weight with this program


Fantastic app!! Easy to use! Love it

Itrack bites

Best app ever. The scanner works like a dream and the food logging is so simple. Highly recommend this app. Would like a little more Canadian content.

Worth it!

In comparison to another well known app that I used in the past that can cost around $40 Canadian a month. This app is as good as that one at a fraction of the cost! Its awesome!

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