iTrackBites Plus - Smart Weight Loss Tracker & Points Calculator for Diet Nutrition Watchers App Reviews

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Great app, one issue thou

Love the app, although the irritating thing is you cant edit or report incorrect information that has been submitted before (i.e.: incorrect portion size for the points). I would love to be able to report some of these so that they can be corrected.

Super App!

I use this app daily. Never had a problem with any aspect of it. Highly recommend!

Lost 20 lbs in 3 1/2 months

I love this app!!

Great App

Love it! I do wish it could sync with Fitbit and you could select multiple items at once to track. Neither are deal breakers as the app is otherwise amazing to use.

It is handy but missing a lot of items

I like it but wish it has more food items available to track. It also requires you to pay more to sync between devices.

Points wrong

I was under the understanding this was similar to weight watchers etools...doesnt have accurate points at all

Great App

I love this app but there are a few things I would like different. I hate the pop up ads that dont go away even when you already own the things they are trying to sell you. Also it would be great to have a recipe builder that calculates the point of dishes you are preparing from scratch.


Its an awesome app. Well worth the money. I have lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks using sensible foods ECT and at 30 points a day this app rocks. I would truly recommend it thanks

I honestly love this app

Wonderful!!! The scanner works, the app works, and you can actually chose which program to follow. Forget weightwatchers app! I recommend ITrackBites.

Its okay

App works for tracking pts, calculations are correct but a lot of the scanned products are not correct and I have to manually enter them anyway. And the worst part is the ads popup over the scan button making it impossible to use. Not sure why there are even ads given the price! Should be ad-free.

Excellent App!

Love this App. The only thing that could make it better is if it would sync with Fitbit.

Great app

Works as advertised. Worth the $

More stable than WWs

Love it. It is easy to use and is stable. Keep up the good work and keep updating it!


Easy to use and like any weight loss program, it works if you work it!

Awesome Weight Loss Tool

I dont normally write reviews, but this weight loss app is a stand out! After sadly realizing I could no longer afford the monthly fees for a popular weight loss program that I was really having success with, I went searching for an app that would allow me to continue counting points - and I found iTrackBITES! Set it up and it very closely aligned with what I was already doing, so I didnt skip a beat. All the features I was used to in my program mobile app were available, and theres an active, friendly support community right at my fingertips. There are several accompanying apps to buy (including beer & restaurant guides, and Cloud sync so you can log from multiple devices) but you dont have to use them, so dont let that stop you. In the end, I hate having to buy an app, but I feel great that the modest fee for this app will have saved me lots of money by the time Im at my goal weight! Thank you, iTrackBITES!

Itrackbites plus

I love this app!! No more paperwork!! It would be nice to track times too.

Love it!

Incredible value considering weight loss programs cost a lot of $$money$$. Easy to follow

Great app!

Does all the stuff the other points app does for a fraction of the cost.

Handy but could be more helpful....

Love the idea but no real direction on how to use to its full potential. A user package would be helpful.


Fantastic App! Love the Scanner, its very consistent!

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